NDGS takes a holistic approach of spatial data creation, GIS database organization, quality maintenance, frequent updates as per new developments, and can provide user friendly technology that enables customers to understand and use GIS data. The GIS services we offer are:
GIS Services and Solutions
  • GIS mapping, Data conversion and digitization
  • Design and development of GIS database
  • GIS analysis and reporting
  • Mapping and analysis of Road, telecom, power , water and sewer Network
Remote Sensing Solutions
NDGS uses the latest remote sensing techniques to process, analyse and convert aerial and satellite images to generate cartographic quality maps, Digital Elevation Models and thematic maps as per the area of application. We adopt scientific methods to create a new prospective of images for the following applications:
  • Creating land use and land cover maps
  • Agriculture, forest and terrain mapping
  • Flood mapping for disaster management support
  • Coastal land-use mapping
  • Cartographic mapping
  • Environmental assessment
  • Urban land-use mapping
NDGS has vast experience in conventional ground surveying using Total Station, GPS/ DGPS and other electronic survey equipment for preparing accurate survey maps. We offer our services in the following areas:
  • Topographic , Traversing and Hydrographical survey
  • Contour mapping
  • Corridor survey (Roads, rail, river)
  • As-built survey for telecom, water pipeline, power network
  • Establishing Ground Control Point Survey
GIS Integration with Utility Services
NDGS can undertake customized or spatial systems integration on different horizontals and verticals of utilities, especially water, power, gas and telecom. We offer our services in the following areas:
  • Customized AM/FM solutions for road, rail network
  • GIS integration with Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA
  • GIS integration with Transcad for road and traffic analysis. GIS integration with Mike11 for flood simulation and analysis
  • GIS-based data modeling for all utilities (water, power, telecom, and gas)
GIS Software Applications and solutions
NDGS has significant experience in providing both web and desktop software application solutions. Our GIS applications improve operational efficiency, enhance productivity and analytical capabilities resulting in substantial savings. We offer application development in the following areas:
  • Development and maintenance of infrastructure
  • Environmental planning and maintenance
  • Utility (water, power, telecom, gas, etc..) maintenance
  • Land record and management
  • Municipal plan approval
  • Office space allocation and management
  • Asset management
  • Security
3D Visualization and Modelling
NDGS has significant experience in 3D GIS visualization and analysis. 3D GIS presents a more realistic view for proper decision making. We provide 3D visualization for a variety of scenarios such as 3D buildings, terrain, contours, soil profile and pollution levels. The 3D services we offer are:
  • 3D city model with Lidar data
  • 3D building modeling using 3DMax
  • DEM/DTM generation along with Contours
  • CUT/FILL volume calculations
  • 3D utility Corridor modeling and analysis
  • 3D bore-log data mapping and analysis
  • 3D Stratigraphy mapping for geotechnical study
  • Walkthrough and flythrough of buildings, township, industrial areas.


NDGS has significant experience in environmental management solutions for all type of pollution such as air, water, noise, solid waste and soil. Our capabilities expand with a most effective and efficient way by the consideration of environmental solutions with a GIS interface. Some of the environmental solutions and services we offer are:
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • 2D and 3D modeling of Air, water, noise pollutions for effective management and control
  • Flood simulation, mapping and analysis
  • Soil and ground water contamination study and remediation
  • Environmental Audit and Cleaner Production
  • Municipal solid and industrial hazardous waste management
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Water and waste water treatment and management.
  • Noise monitoring and mapping study
  • Vibration monitoring study
  • Design of Landfill for waste disposal
  • Waste inventorisation study
  • DPR study for waste management